How to Open and Close a Jump Ring

How to Open and Close a Jump Ring

Hi, I’m Allie! I started my Jewelry business Alexandra Gioia in 2014 and am here to help guide you in your Permanent Jewelry Business!

In this blog post, I'm going to show you how to properly open and close a jump ring.

This is such an important skill for jewelry making that comes with practice and the right tools! I have used tons of different pliers over the years and have found that these Xuron TweezerNose Pliers are by far my favorite! They won’t damage your jump ring and they are very narrow making it easy to grip your tiny jump rings.

To open the jump ring, you’ll take one pair of pliers to grip the outside of the seam (when I refer to a seam, I’m referring to the line when the jump ring is closed). Then take your other pair of pliers to grab the opposite side of the seam. With my right hand I’m going to push forward, and with my left I’m going to pull back all while pushing to the center. This avoids you over opening the jump ring which makes it very hard to get it back in place after its been over stretched.

You want to try to open it as minimally as possible.

To close, you’ll do the opposite. I’m going to push my left hand forward and I’ll pull my right towards me all while pushing towards the center.

You can watch my YouTube Tutorial HERE.

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