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Argon Mini Small Argon Tank For Permanent Jewelry

Argon Mini Small Argon Tank For Permanent Jewelry

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A small argon tank perfect for pop-up's and remote events. Don't lug a big argon tank to your next show. Order the Argon Mini  and  place it in your purse, backpack, or welder carrying case! Available now in a cozy autumn look!

The Argon Mini ships without a regulator. Don't forget to order the Argon Mini Regulator!

Shipping Note: The Argon Mini can only be shipped by UPS Ground in the Lower 48 States. 


The Argon Mini will easily fit in a backpack, large purse, Orion mPulse carrying case, or even in your back pocket! Perfect for pop-up's and other remote events, the Argon Mini is easy to tote from one place to another. Check out these hugely beneficial small features:

  • Weight 2.7 lbs
  • 11.75 inches High
  • 2.75 inch diameter

The Argon Mini is available in packs of 2, or 4. The price per tank lowers when the purchase quantity increases. Every Argon Mini shipment, regardless of how many tanks are includedrequires an additional $45 hazardous material fee mandated by the shipping carrier. 

Purchasing Tip: The hazardous material fee is per shipment, NOT per tank. You'll save money when you order more tanks in one shipment. 

The Argon Mini is designed for one-time use only. The tank cannot be refilled. However, the tank can be recycled with a local metal recycler (ask your local recycler for more information on how to prepare your tank for recycling). To that point, Sunstone encourages you to recycle all depleted tanks.


The number of welds you can get from the Argon Mini depends upon a number of different factors, but generally speaking you should be able to complete around 650 welds with one tank. You may get more or you may get less.


Yes. You will need to order the Argon Mini Regulator. Other regulators will NOT fit the Argon Mini tank.


Argon is used as a shielding gas in Sunstone's Orion Welding Systems. During the welding, process metals are exposed to temperatures of upwards of 7000 Degrees. At these temperatures, most metals become liquid, which allows the formation of the weld. Argon is used to protect the molten pool of metal against elements in the Atmosphere including Oxygen, Nitrogen, and Hydrogen. These elements cause reactions with the liquid weld pool, such as porosity and increased weld spatter. Argon also plays an important role in maintaining Arc stability, which leads to increased weld penetration, better filler wire transfer, and better weld appearance.Sunstone's Premium argon is 99.996% pure Argon (Argon 4.6). Pure Argon refers to the gas being just Argon, and not mixed with another gas.


Sunstone's Orion Welding systems work best at around 10 PSI. The pressure can be adjusted depending on the workpiece and how far the electrode protrudes from the welding stylus. The further out the electrode, the more argon pressure will be required in order to get proper coverage.

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